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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Set of chess pieces, large chess pieces, chessmen

Set of chess pieces, large chess pieces, chessmen

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Set of metal chess pieces, large chess pieces, art.809926

For a person who plays chess, who loves this game and cannot imagine life without it, an exclusive set of chess pieces is a priceless gift, an incomparable pleasure.
We present chess pieces that look great on the playing field, each of your guests or guests of the birthday party will admire them, and the game process will always be interesting and unforgettable.
Material: metal
The lining is felt
Weight with box -4.5kg
Height of chess pieces:
King - 10 cm;
Queen - 10.5 cm
Bishop- 9.5cm;
Knight - 8 cm;
Rook - 6.5 cm;
Pawn - 5 cm.

The diameter of the base of the figures is 3 cm

Collectible chess pieces are the best gift for loved ones! And for someone who has just begun to learn about the wonderful world of the ancient game, this is an undeniable tribute to his status, wisdom, and intellectual abilities

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