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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Exclusive wooden backgammon, 60*30cm, art.190367

Exclusive wooden backgammon, 60*30cm, art.190367

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Backgammon board is made of natural  basswood decorated with hand carving patterns will become a stunning decoration of your home, emphasize the owner taste, and you and your friends will spend time at  party with great pleasure and interest.

The product is made in a unique design with a stylish contrast of shades, will distinguish you as the owner and emphasize the refined taste for choosing board games.

The playing area is  decorated with burnt patterns. Backgammon set is also completed with excellent checkers decorated with a leather insert.

Diameter of chips - 25mm
Cubes/Zara: billiard ball
Cube size: 9mm

Set includes:
- backgammon (1pc)
- chips (15pcs light + 15pcs dark)
- dice (1pc)

Type Backgammon
Board material Wood
Playing area length 460 мм
Playing area width 230 мм
Pieces material Wood
Pieces lining Felt
Feature Handmade
Сountry of origin Ukraine
Condition New

Handmade carving is an excellent idea of the master, which noticeably enlivens the standard approach to the design of the backgammon, so all your loved ones will admire your purchase.

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