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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Wooden chess set, backgammon set, draughs game board, game board limited

Wooden chess set, backgammon set, draughs game board, game board limited

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Wooden chess set, checkers and backgammon set 3in1  60*30cm, art.191004

An exclusive chess set 3 in 1 includes backgammon, chess and checkers. The board is made of properly dried basswood . The board is decorated with burning patterns inside.

The chessboard is a work of art itself, carefully handcrafted from rich, dark wood such as walnut or ebony, highlighting the natural grain patterns and warmth of the material. The square tiles are meticulously carved and polished, providing a smooth playing surface that enhances the overall experience.

The chess pieces are equally stunning, with intricate detailing that showcases the skill of the artisan. Each piece is carved from the same wood as the board, ensuring a seamless connection between the pieces and the playing surface. The knights, rooks, bishops, and other pieces are elegantly shaped and weighted for a satisfying feel during play.

The set includes:

-board, 1pc

- set of chess pieces

 - set of chip pieces

- dice, 2pc

Also the item can be completed with storage case for your request. Please choose the best one in collections of them.

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