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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Wooden backgammon with glass board 62×32×7 cm

Wooden backgammon with glass board 62×32×7 cm

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Wooden backgammon with glass board 62×32×7 cm, art. 192353
Luxurios backgammon set is a gift made wisely, because it is an intellectual game that people admire. Presented gift backgammon will appreciated by your leader or just closed friend. Special charm and elegance of backgammon gives a unique hand carving, which fascinates with its beauty.

Exquisite wooden backgammon, skillfully decorated with a geometric ornament on the outside, and inside the geometric ornament is made under glass, which gives the depth of the pattern and uniqueness to this model of backgammon. The model is equipped with pieces with a leather insert.

Diameter of chips - 25mm
Dice/Zara: billiard ball
Dice size: 9mm

Set includes:
- backgammon (1pc)
- chips (15pcs light + 15pcs dark)
- dice (1pc)

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