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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Wooden backgammon "King Lion", travel backgammon set, handmade set, art.190187

Wooden backgammon "King Lion", travel backgammon set, handmade set, art.190187

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Wooden backgammon "King Lion", 46×23×3cm, art. 190187

Embrace the elegance and timeless charm of the Wooden Backgammon "King Lion." This exquisitely crafted backgammon board features a classic design that exudes sophistication and grace. The set's dimensions of 46×23×3cm offer the perfect balance between portability and a substantial playing area, making it an ideal companion for both travel and leisurely gaming at home.
Crafted from high-quality wood, the backgammon board boasts durability and sturdiness, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for years to come.
 The playing surface is expertly finished, providing a smooth and seamless experience as you move the checkers across the board with ease.

The backgammon set comes complete with all the necessary accessories, including checkers and dice, ready for hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Diameter of chips - 25mm
Dice/Zara: billiard ball
Dice size: 9mm

Set includes:
- backgammon (1pc)
- chips (15pcs light + 15pcs dark)
- dice (1pc

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