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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Wooden backgammon handmade carved, travel backgammon, unique backgammon set

Wooden backgammon handmade carved, travel backgammon, unique backgammon set

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Product: Hand-Carved Wooden Backgammon Board Set

Description: Discover our stunning collection of hand-carved backgammon boards, meticulously crafted from premium linden wood. These exquisite pieces feature intricate three-dimensional geometric carvings, created using a unique technique by a Ukrainian master craftsman with 40 years of experience.


  • Dimensions: 53x27cm, providing ample playing space
  • Material: Premium linden wood for natural beauty and durability
  • Intricate Geometric Carvings: Three-dimensional carvings elevate the aesthetic
  • Complete Set: Includes a set of finely crafted playing pieces and dice

Experience: Indulge in the tactile elegance of the intricate carvings and the warmth of linden wood. Elevate your gaming experience with a fusion of tradition and contemporary design, where artistry meets functionality seamlessly.

Elevate your gameplay with a touch of tradition and artistry. Explore our collection today and own a masterpiece that captures the essence of decades of woodworking mastery.

Diametr of chips - 25mm
Dice/Zara: billiard ball
Dice size: 9mm

Set includes:
- backgammon (1pc)
- chips (15pcs light + 15pcs dark)
- dice set (1pc)

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