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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Glass backgammon set, customized backgammon board, personalized game board, gift game, limited edition

Glass backgammon set, customized backgammon board, personalized game board, gift game, limited edition

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Glass Backgammon, a customized gaming experience like no other, artfully designed with a perfect blend of materials, style, and contemporary aesthetics to elevate your gaming moments.

Product Description:
Glass Backgammon Customized with Your Sign (Dragon)
Dimensions: 60×30 cm
Article Number: 250071

Key Features:
Material Fusion:
The high-stylish and modern backgammon surfaces are crafted from glass with an aluminum composite for a sleek and durable design.
Exterior surface protection is ensured with a layer of polycarbonate, providing a robust defense for the item.
Elegant Design:

The playing area is composed of premium glass, offering a smooth and sophisticated surface for an immersive gaming experience.
Backgammon images are intricately applied using UV inks, ensuring vibrant and lasting visuals.
Checker Details:

Checkers are meticulously crafted from transparent epoxy resin, adding a touch of elegance to the gameplay.
The dragon sign is artistically incorporated into the checkers through a precise printing process.
Dimensions and Accessories:

Checker Diameter: 27mm
Dice/Zara: Resemble billiard balls for a unique touch
Dice Size: 9mm
Complete Set:

1 Backgammon Board
15 Light and 15 Dark Chips for a balanced and visually striking setup
1 Dice, complementing the theme and style of the backgammon set.

Immerse Yourself in Style and Emotion:
Experience the thrill of gaming with our Glass Backgammon that goes beyond entertainment. The fusion of quality materials, contemporary design, and personalized touches ensures a gaming set that not only stands out but creates an unforgettable atmosphere for players. Elevate your gaming space with this masterpiece, where style meets emotion.

The board can be customized with your sign of the zodiac.

Type Backgammon
Board material Glass, aluminum composite
Feature Handmade
Country of origin
Condition New

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