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Dominoes set, art. 400006, epoxy dominoes

Dominoes set, art. 400006, epoxy dominoes

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Domino, art. 400006

Domino is a popular tabletop game where tiles with numerical values on both sides are used. Players take turns laying tiles on the table, matching numbers to form chains. It's a game that demands logical thinking, strategy, and quick reaction, making it suitable for players of all ages and experience levels.

Additionally, playing dominoes can be very relaxing and rejuvenating, helping to alleviate stress and improve mood. It also fosters cooperation and communication skills, as players often discuss strategies and exchange tactics during the game. Dominoes is accessible to everyone, and its simple rules allow players to quickly join the game and enjoy time together.

Product Description:

  • Game: Dominoes
  • Tile Dimensions: 45*22*8 mm
  • Weight: 0.250 kg
  • Material: Epoxy
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