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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Metal backgammon "Wolf", 60×30 cm, stylish backgammon board

Metal backgammon "Wolf", 60×30 cm, stylish backgammon board

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Metal backgammon "Wolf", 60×30 cm, art. 250009

Exclusive metal backgammon with a glass playing area inside makes a WOW effect on all who touch the board.

The board is made of ash wood.
The front surfaces are decorated with polished stainless steel made of steel alloy of titanium nitride. The playing field is made of tempered glass, which is five times stronger than usual. The chips are made of brass, and covered with a transparent varnish. The set includes a protective zipper case.

Also, you can choose a favorite picture and necessary logo, and this item can be branded at your request.

  • Type item: Backgammon
  • Material of the board: Metal
  • Length of playing field: 490 mm
  • Width of playing field: 230 mm
  • Diameter of chips: 28x10 mm
  • Chip material: Metal
  • Chip lining: felt
  • Features: Handmade

Country of origin: Ukraine
Condition: New

Backgammon set includes:
- backgammon board
- chips for backgammon ( 15pcs.light + 15 pcs. dark)
- dice(2 pcs)


Type Backgammon
Board material Glass, titanium nitride
Feature Handmade
Country of origin
Condition New

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