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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Exclusive handmade wooden chess set 3 in 1, 60*30cm, art.195555

Exclusive handmade wooden chess set 3 in 1, 60*30cm, art.195555

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An exclusive chess set 3 in 1 includes backgammon, chess and checkers. The board is made of properly dried basswood . The board is decorated with a relief patterns on the outside and decorated with a nice image inside.

God Svárog symbolizes the sun, fire, and creativity. By gifting someone a backgammon of Svárog, it signifies their connection to the source of light and warmth, both literally and metaphorically. It represents their inner fire, passion, and the ability to ignite inspiration in others.

Furthermore, Svárog is associated with craftsmanship and skillful work. It  can reflect the recipient's dedication to their craft, their ability to create and shape their own path, and their commitment to excellence.

The set includes:

-board, 1pc

- set of chess pieces

 - set of checkers 

Also the item can be completed with storage case for your request. Please choose the best one in collections of them.

Delivery over the world  is provided  after payment of shipping cost to full extent.  When the order will be confirmed, our manager will contact you and provide all details about delivery methods  at once.

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