Customized boards

You definitely are looking for a special gift if you are here.

Our production is famous for the main advantages enjoyed by about 30% of our customers - this is the personalization of the product,
namely the application of initials, names, quotes, inscriptions, special signs, marks, logo of companies and so on.
Such personalized items are great ideas for corporate gifts.
We have many years of experience in creating such products both on wooden products and glass, metal products.

We leave for you step-by-step instructions on how to order a personalized product.
And also you can see some of the options embodied from the requests of our customers.
We have a well-trained and experienced team, who can help you have a better understanding of the technical help to select the right material with the best competitive price.
1. So please leave your message to us with your intention to consider a customized item.
2. After consulting, we can properly define your board requirements, and our team will provide a detailed quotation sheet, including the unit price, full specification of your item and the estimated shipping cost to your address.
3. So we can give you our e-suggestion and help to make the best product. 
4. After prepayment we will keep you updated about the production progress. As soon as the production is finished, we will send you the photos for checking.
5. After full payment we will provide the shipment.
Our team is pleased to make a piece of art from the board for your best emotions.