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Handmade Carved Backgammon and Chess sets

Carbon backgammon 60*30 cm, stylish backgammon set, metal backammon board

Carbon backgammon 60*30 cm, stylish backgammon set, metal backammon board

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Carbon backgammon set in an aluminum frame with glass inside, 60*30 cm, art.555000.

Make your choice in favor of these carbon backgammon sets to experience the highest level of gaming satisfaction. Not only do they captivate attention with their sophisticated appearance, but they also guarantee unparalleled quality and comfort during gameplay.

The innovative technologies employed in the production of these backgammon sets ensure their exceptional durability and resistance to any operating conditions. This means you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, without worrying about potential damage.

Thanks to their lightweight and portability, these backgammon sets will become your indispensable companion both at home and while traveling. They are ready to immerse you in the captivating world of backgammon gameplay anytime and anywhere.

Product Specifications:

  • Game - backgammon (can be played in long and short versions)

  • Exterior Design - matte carbon

  • Interior Design - glass

  • Folded Dimensions - 60*30*5cm

  • Unfolded Dimensions - 60*60*2.5cm

  • Materials - carbon, glass, aluminum composite

  • Color - black


  • Dark ones made of epoxy resin, backed with felt
  • Light ones made of epoxy resin, also backed with felt
  • Checker Diameter - 29mm
  • Dice - plastic
  • Dice Size - 10mm
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